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Six straw polls were held in the Security Council from 21 July to 5 October The selection was much more open than previous selections, with public nominations being sought and candidates participating in televised debates. As a result, the selection is subject to the veto of any of the five permanent members of the Security Council. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon would be completing his second term on 31 Decemberafter which he would step down due to the informal two-term limit.

Under the principle of regional rotation, candidates from Asia were ineligible to succeed Ban. The Eastern European Group was favored in the selection, as it was the only one of the United Nations Regional Groups never to have held the office of Secretary-General. As a result, the selection was the most open selection since Although different regions have held the office, no woman has ever been selected as Secretary-General.

Historically, the process of selecting a Secretary-General has been so secretive that it has been compared to a papal conclave. Straw polls were taken by secret ballot in the Security Council consultation roomand the voting results were not revealed publicly. All reported information came in the form of leaks. There has been criticism of the opacity of the process.

Writing in Singapore's Straits TimesSimon Chesterman has argued that, for an organisation as important as the United Nations, "having its leader chosen by the lowest common denominator of what the P5 finds acceptable is not good enough".

The Security Council and General Assembly took steps to make the selection process more transparent and open in When the Security Council met to conduct its first straw pollit voted in private, as it had done in all selections since The President of the General Assembly was officially informed that a straw poll had been taken, but the results of the poll were not disclosed.

Lykketoft realized that "the outcome of this and future informal straw polls will not be communicated" and complained that it "does not live up to the expectations of the membership and the new standard of openness and transparency". At the time of the final straw poll on 5 Octoberthere were ten candidates for the post. Kristalina Georgieva entered the race on 28 September; although the Prime Minister of Bulgaria nominated Kristalina Georgieva as its new sole candidate for the Secretary-General's position, the decision to withdraw from the race can only be done by the candidates; therefore, Irina Bokova decided to continue in the race, leaving Bulgaria with two candidates.

Support withdrawn [17]. The Security Council held a series of six straw polls in the consultation room. Security Council members were asked to indicate whether they "encouraged", "discouraged" or had "no opinion" regarding the candidates. During the sixth straw poll, the five permanent members voted on red-coloured ballots to reveal whether any of them intended to veto a candidate, while the rotating members voted on white ballots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Selection for Secretary General of the United Nations.

See also: United Nations Secretary-General selection. Formal result tomorrow.

28 gen.2016 u

P5 voting intentions excluded " Tweet. Retrieved 5 October — via Twitter.

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Association of Foreign Affairs. Archived from the original on 15 February Retrieved 15 October View the technology information. The instructional materials for Grade 4 meet expectations for alignment.

The instructional materials include texts that are worthy of students' time and attention and provide many opportunities for rich and rigorous evidence-based discussions and writing about texts to build strong literacy skills. Texts include a balance of genres and are appropriately rigorous and complex for Grade 4 students. Most tasks and questions are grounded in evidence.

Materials address foundational skills to build comprehension and provide questions and tasks that guide students to read with purpose and understanding, making connections between acquisition of foundationalskills and making meaning during reading.

Materials also provide opportunity to increase oral and silent reading fluency across the grade level. The instructional materials support the building of knowledge through repeated practice with appropriate grade-level complex text organized around a topic.

Vocabulary is addressed in each module, though academic vocabulary is not built across multiple texts. Culminating tasks require students to read, discuss, analyze, and write about texts while students participate in a volume of reading to build knowledge. Modules are developed to support and build knowledge, integrating reading, writing, speaking, listening to demonstrate grade-level literacy proficiency at the end of the school year. The Grade 4 instructional materials meet the expectations for text quality and complexity and alignment to the standards.

Overall, appropriately complex grade-level texts are are accompanied by quality tasks aligned to the standards of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language to build foundational skills and strengthen literacy skills. The instructional materials meet expectations for text quality and complexity. Central texts are of publishable quality and address topics of interests to Grade 4 students.

The instructional materials include a mixture of both literary and informational texts. The level of complexity of most texts is appropriate for Grade 4. The instructional materials include a text complexity analysis with rubrics and rationales for their purposes and placement.

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The materials support students increasing literacy skills over the year and provide students with many opportunities to engage in a range and volume of reading throughout each unit and module through anchor texts, supporting texts, and leveled libraries. The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 4 meet the expectations for anchor texts being of publishable quality and worth of careful reading and consider a range of interests.

Texts are examined multiple times for multiple purposes and are used to expand big ideas, build academic vocabulary, and facilitate access to future similar texts.

Most texts are engaging, build knowledge, and facilitate access to future text while building towards independent grade-level reading. The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 4 meet the expectations for reflecting the distribution of text types and genres required by the standards.If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next!

Back in June when the UK voted in favor of Brexit, polls showed that British pensioners were three times more likely than younger voters to want to sever ties with the EU. Many young Remain supporters still blame an older generation with secure jobs and pensions for depriving them of the freedom to live and work across Europe. The U. This year, for the first time, Millennials and Baby Boomers enjoyed a relatively equal playing field in terms of electorate size.

However, inonly 46 percent of eligible Millennials turned out to vote compared to 69 percent of Baby Boomers. Even though turnout rates this year are still unclear, a lack of enthusiasm among younger voters may have cost Clinton the presidency. Exit polls reveal that the majority of young people that did go out and vote were behind Clinton with 55 and 50 percent of and year-olds voting for her respectively.

Young people disheartened today will just have to suck it up and drastically improve their turnout in four years. I am a Statista data journalist, covering technological, societal and media topics through visual representation.

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Forbes takes privacy seriously and is committed to transparency. We will never share your email address with third parties without your permission. This is a BETA experience. Edit Story. Nov 9,am EST.Copyright remains with the author s or their institution s. Permission for reuse free in most cases can be obtained from RightsLink. In comparison with general FISH for preparing probes in terms of time and cost, synthesized oligonucleotide oligo hereafter probes for FISH have many advantages such as ease of design, synthesis, and labeling.

Low cost and high sensitivity and resolution of oligo probes greatly simplify the FISH procedure as a simple, fast, and efficient method of chromosome identification. The oligo probes contained more nucleotides or more repeat units that produced stronger signals for more efficient chromosome painting.

28 gen.2016 u

Four Th. Oligo multiplex 4 revealed chromosome variations among CS and eight wheat cultivars by a single round of FISH analysis. This research demonstrated the high efficiency of using oligos and oligo multiplexes in chromosome identification and manipulation.

WangYinguang BaoXingfeng Li. Advanced Search. All Journals Journal. Corresponding author: Zengjun Qi email: zjqi njau. Abstract In comparison with general FISH for preparing probes in terms of time and cost, synthesized oligonucleotide oligo hereafter probes for FISH have many advantages such as ease of design, synthesis, and labeling. Analysis of introgression of Aegilops ventricosa Tausch. Versatile design and synthesis platform for visualizing genomes with oligopaint FISH probes.

Potential use and possible target structures detected. Chromosome Res.

28 gen.2016 u

Gametocidal factor-induced structural rearrangements in rye chromosomes added to common wheat. Genes Genet. Chromosome-specific painting in Cucumis species using bulked oligonucleotides. Recent advances in alien gene transfer in wheat. Chromosome aberrations induced by zebularine in triticale. Marcais G, Kingsford C.

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A fast, lock-free approach for efficient parallel counting of occurrences of k -mers. New Secale cereale rye DNA derivatives for the detection of rye chromosome segments in wheat. Simultaneous discrimination of the three genomes in hexaploid wheat by multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization using total genomic and highly repeated DNA probes.

Molecular characterization of a tandem repeat, Afa family, and its distribution among Triticeae. Dynamics of tandem repetitive Afa -family sequences in Triticeaewheat-related species, J.

Targeted introgression of a wheat stem rust resistance gene by DNA marker-assisted chromosome engineering. Physical mapping of chromosome 4J of Thinopyrum bessarabicum using gamma radiation-induced aberrations. Shen, J. Development and molecular cytogenetic characterization of wheat— Thinopyrum bessarabicum alien chromosome introgression lines. Oligonucleotides replacing the roles of repetitive sequences pAs1, pSc Wang, Y. Development and characterization of small segment translocations of Thinopyrum bessarabicum and cytological mapping of interest genes.

Multiple structural aberrations and physical mapping of rye chromosome 2R introgressed into wheat. Cited by View all 36 citing articles Karyotype mosaicism in early generation synthetic hexaploid wheats.

Physical organization of repetitive sequences and chromosome diversity of barley revealed by fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH.Forums New posts Search forums Search images. Showcase New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Image Search…. New posts. Search forums. Search images. Log in. Change style. Contact us.

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Of which you have none, or capitalization either.The apparent next commander for U. Forces Afghanistan appeared before senators Thursday to face the same old political fights over troop withdrawal plans for the fight there.

John "Mick" Nicholson Jr.

28 gen.2016 u

Nicholson would succeed Army Gen. John Campbell, who is expected to retire. Officials from the Senate Armed Services Committee said they've been planning the hearing for several weeks, in part because of the importance of the post and its oversight of the now year-old conflict in Afghanistan.

Nicholson said he has seen significant progress in recent years, as U. But he also warned that despite the advances of Afghan troops, "in some areas they still have years to go. Those comments provided fodder for committee members — both Republican and Democrat — to criticize White House plans to draw down American forces in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Jack Reed, D-R. John Nicholson Jr. For more newsletters click here. Sign up for the Early Bird Brief - a daily roundup of military and defense news stories from around the globe. By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Early Bird Brief.

Currently about 9, service members are stationed there, a larger presence than President Obama had promised four years ago. But last fall, in response to concerns about Taliban advances and instability in the country, Obama announced plans to keep a U. Senators blasted that plan as dangerous and shortsighted, and peppered Nicholson with questions about the wisdom of a too-small fighting force. John McCain, R-Ariz. That will allow American forces to perform the vital tasks of eliminating terrorist threats and building the capacity and capability of Afghan military.

Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, asked whether Defense Department officials should consider a permanent deployment force in Afghanistan, similar to the military presence in South Korea. Kelly Ayotte, R-N. For his part, Nicholson dodged specifics, saying he needs at least three months in the new role to properly evaluate the mission needs and risks for U. He offered support for the administration's general strategy in the region but pledged to offer honest assessments on levels needed for troops and equipment.

He said a hypothetical plan to drop force levels to fewer than 1, troops by January is too dangerous, but deferred on plans for 5, troops in country at that time. Nicholson also acknowledged that those troop level decisions will require military planning in late spring, to prepare commanders for operational changes. The level that will require is where I hope to provide my military advice. McCain said he hopes to have a full Senate confirmation vote on Nicholson sometime next week.

He can be reached at lshane militarytimes. He has covered Washington, D. Leo Shane III. Sign up for the Early Bird Brief Get the military's most comprehensive news and information every morning.

Thanks for signing up! Fear of missing out?View the technology information. The materials include texts that are worthy of students' time and attention and provide many opportunities for rich and rigorous evidence-based discussions and writing about texts to build strong literacy skills.

Students have opportunities to build skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and they integrate language work throughout. Most tasks and questions are grounded in evidence. Materials address foundational skills where appropriate to support students' building their reading abilities to comprehend increasingly complex texts over the course of the school year.

Vocabulary is addressed in each module, though academic vocabulary is not built across multiple texts. The materials meet use and design expectations, including teacher tools to plan and differentiate instruction, as well as incorporate useful technology applications. Texts include a balance of genres and are appropriately rigorous and complex for Grade 5 students.

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Alignment Meets Expectations. Gateway 1: Text Quality. Gateway 2: Building Knowledge. Usability Meets Expectations. Gateway 3: Usability. First Grade. Second Grade. ELA Summary. Third Grade.

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Fourth Grade. Fifth Grade. Sixth Grade. Do quality materials matter to you? We thought so!